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New Book Releases for the New Year!

The Christmas we celebrate on December 25th might be over, but it’s Book Lady Christmas over here!!! We have over 105 fresh new releases to get you ready to promote literacy to your child in the new year. I don’t know about you, but we get cabin fever with the winters in Northeast Ohio and I love having some brand new books on hand to keep us happy and entertained indoors.

New Books for the New Year - Jaime's Book Corner

These are being added to the website every day and there are TONS of new books that I’ve already tacked on to my neverending wishlist! Here are just a few I’ve narrowed down to share with you. If you see something you like, you can order online or join my party on January 20th to get a few deals! If you want to score a few deals on my current inventory, I’m having a BIG sale that morning too!

Baby & Toddler New Releases

New Book Series for Baby and Toddler - Jaime's Book Corner

These little books are made for tiny hands, with easy-to-turn pages and bright illustrations!
Count to Five          Jump Around         Make a Noise         See a Rainbow

This is Owl - a hilarious new book to read and interact with your children ages 3 and up | Jaime's Book Corner

This hilarious book with flaps, call-outs, and interactive play will have everyone clapping and flapping along! This is Owl is perfect for ages 3 and up, especially those who already love I Say Ooh, You Say Ahh.

Elementary New Releases

Olivia's Secret Scribbles - a New Series for Ages 6-9 | Jaime's Book Corner

Meet Olivia, Ella‘s little sister! This new series is another great option for ages 6-9.
Book 1            Book 2             Book 3

Stained Glass Coloring - a fun new activity book! | Jaime's Book Corner

Our Christmas Stained Glass Coloring book was so well loved, it’s exciting to have a year-round edition with our beautiful new Stained Glass Coloring book!

Ages 9+ New Releases

A brand new series for young adults! - Jaime's Book Corner

This brand new young adult series is sure to keep readers in suspense!
Book 1           Book 2

The Usborne Unworry Book - an activity book to calm your mind || Jaime's Book Corner

Everyone could use a little help in today’s fast-paced world, let the Unworry Book bring you peace and calm.

These are just a few of the new releases available in my bookstore now. I am just overwhelmed by all the amazing new books! Every time I get a peek inside, I truly find myself astounded by the work of Usborne & Kane Miller. They’ve done it again, folks!

Don’t worry, I will be sharing a lot more info in my VIP group and here as the books are released. Can’t wait? Here’s a quick sneak peek video for you!


Until next time!


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