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Winter Reading Challenge for Kids

The winter is a tough few months for the young ones, especially in the bitter cold parts of the world that make us adults want to just cuddle up and hibernate.

Let me help keep your kiddos busy this winter with my Winter Reading Challenge for Kids!

Reading challenges are a great way to get kids reading more, to challenge them to read different kinds of books, and to connect with new ideas and experiences. Whether your child already loves reading or you have more reluctant readers, this reading challenge is a fun game of finding and reading new books. Doing a challenge like this helps to expand the way a child thinks about reading. It becomes more exciting! If your child finishes the challenge, great! Even if they only read a little more, they’re still broadening their reading horizons. Everyone wins in the end!

If your little one isn’t reading on their own yet, this challenge is still for you.ย It’s never too early to build your child’s literacy skills. Whether reading independently or with an adult, any time with books makes an immense impact on a child.

Winter Reading Challenge for Kids - Jaime's Book Corner

Get your free Winter Reading Challenge BINGO now!

If you take the challenge, I’d love to hear how your child enjoys reading different books this winter! For every BINGO my daughter gets, I’m going to give her a little prize. Maybe a new book?


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