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Our January Book Box is here!!

Anyone else out there love receiving mail? In our home, letters are great, boxes are fun, boxes filled with books are the best!!

Our book box is here! - Jaime's Book Corner

Our first Usborne Books & More Book Subscription box was delivered today and it was the perfect distraction from little lady’s teething pain. Our subscription includes boxes over 3 months, each with 4 new releases and a small gift for the 3-5 age range. We opened the box and immediately started reading.

January Book Box Subscription - Jaime's Book Corner

Kitty Kat, Kitty Kat, Where Have You Been? Washington D.C. was my favorite. Being from Virginia, it reminded me a little bit of home and I think it’s a great, age-appropriate introduction to all the important monuments and cool kid places to go. Lizard in a Blizzard was little lady’s choice (not surprising, considering her current obsession with all phonics books).

The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures is a unique take on an A to Z book and I love that it includes pronunciation guides. Otherwise, I would have NO idea how to say half of the name of the creatures! The facts were a thrill to read too – did you know that a mara is a relative of the guinea pig or that binturongs give off a strong smell similar to buttered popcorn? Yeah, neither did I!

Lastly, I love the inclusion of a Shine-a-Light book! If you’re not familiar, these books truly set Usborne Books & More apart from competitors, they are like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a children’s book! Kids can reveal a secret image in the illustrations just by shining a flashlight behind each page. All this fun is happening while they’re learning at the same time too because this collection is non-fiction.

The newest addition is At the Library. This was such an approachable way to learn about everything libraries have to offer, I even learned a few things (but then again, I always do from our non-fiction books).

Aside from the books, this box also included 4 bookmarks and a new spring catalog.

Lizard in a Blizzard - Jaime's Book Corner

I’m already excited to receive our February box!

Did you miss out on the subscription this time? Contact me and I will create one for you based on your budget and age of your child.

Happy reading!


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