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7 Unique A to Z Books

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Our favorite books (although really, when I say our, really we mean our daughter’s favorites – ’cause in our home, if our 2-year-old doesn’t like it, we don’t get to read it) are the ones that help us smile, laugh, and feel all warm, cozy, and happy. We’ll save the sweet books for a later time because we’re focusing on silly books today – in the world of ABCs! We are huge fans of these creative alphabet books because there’s only so many times you can read “D is for Duck” and “Z is for Zebra.”

Alfie & Bet's ABC Pop-Up Book - Unique A to Z Books from Jaime's Book Corner
Alfie and Bet’s ABC
It’s a pop-up ABC book, with a story! Join Alfie and Bet on their journey to find the letter they like the best. It’s not as easy as it sounds, because they don’t always agree! This hardcover book features bright illustrations with lots of cute animals, thick pages, and rhyming text.

Alphabet of Insects - Unique A to Z Books from Jaime's Book Corner
Alphabet of Insects by Barbie Heit Schwaeber
Here’s an ABC book for the children fascinated with the world of bugs and nature! They make me squirm, but I just love this unique take on an alphabet book. From Aphid to Zebra Caterpillar, and everything in between, there is so much for kids to learn. This book is reviewed by experts at the Smithsonian Institution for accuracy so you can trust the facts too. Alphabet of Insects includes a sing-along audiobook CD and a tear-out poster featuring every insect covered in the book.

Lift-the-Flap ABC - Unique A to Z Books from Jaime's Book Corner
Lift-the-Flap ABC
These preschool lift-the-flap books are a current favorite in our home! They are interactive and make learning fun. There are lots of flaps to lift, matching games, a picture alphabet, and finger tracing – these all encourage skills essential for learning how to read and write. This series of books (colors, numbers, shapes, and more) is designed to focus on concepts at different stages of development, allowing the book to grow with your child and remain a favorite in your home library for years to come.

The Pout-Pout Fish Undersea Alphabet - Unique A to Z Books from Jaime's Book Corner
The Pout-Pout Fish Undersea Alphabet: Touch and Feel by Deborah Diesen
Are there any Pout-Pout Fish fans out there? I get so excited when I come across one of their novelty books! My daughter loves the glitter textures and all the familiar characters in this A to Z book, plus there’s a fun glow in the dark lantern to spot!

Unusual Animals A-Z - Unique A to Z Books from Jaime's Book Corner
Unusual Animals A-Z by Heather Jones
This quirky book introduces young readers to the ABCs, as well as an imaginative selection of exotic animals from around the world, making it educational and just plain fun. The book offers a great focus on the sounds of letters, often using alliteration for emphasis. The beautiful watercolor paintings and fun facts about each animal bring even more joy when learning about Bernie the bearded dragon and Morris the manatee.

The Usborne Illustrated Alphabet - Unique A to Z Books from Jaime's Book Corner
The Usborne Illustrated Alphabet
This was the very first ABC book we owned, so of course, it holds a special place in our home. The Illustrated Alphabet takes you on a silly journey through the zoo, one letter at a time, with animals from furious foxes to wild wombats. Alliteration and rhyming assist in helping children remember letter shapes and sounds. This beautiful cloth-bound book, with its slipcase cover, makes a perfect baby shower gift.

The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures - Unique A to Z Books from Jaime's Book Corner
The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures by Katie Abey
Move aside horses and tigers, and make way for hyrax and tarsiers! Learn weird and fascinating facts about an alphabet of unique, unusual, and underappreciated animals who at last get their chance in the limelight. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to say grimpoteuthis, there’s a pronunciation guide with every animal name! But did you know, okapis are shy creatures with smelly feet that can lick their own ears? Well, now you do!

Do you have any favorite A-Z books I might have left out? I’d love to hear about them, our bookshelves always welcome new additions!

7 Unique A-Z Books! - from Jaime's Book Corner


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