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Screen-Free Week BINGO Challenge

Happy Screen-Free Week! I just love the idea behind this annual event. For one week, children, families, schools, and communities are encouraged to turn off screens and “turn on life”. Skip the TV for entertainment and instead, read, daydream, explore, enjoy nature, and spend time with family and friends!

My theme in life is to Be Intentional and I think the challenge of Screen-Free Week fits right in. Sometimes we get so lost in the cyber world, we forget to focus on the most important thing that’s right in front of us – our family and friends.

This BINGO board features tons of ideas for screen-free fun! Print it out or save it to your device and add your bingo marks through a photo editor.

Screen-Free Week Bingo Board

We love including books in all of our activities, so I wanted to share some reading ideas with you too.

Head back here and let me know how the week goes for you! Also, if you want to get daily activity ideas from May 2-8, 2022, be sure to join my Facebook group – Jaime’s Book Corner VIPs.

For more fun at home, be sure to check out my Reading Challenges and Activities!


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      1. This is so cute! I tried to click on the picture to save it and it didn’t work. Thanks in advance for help!


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