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Book & Outdoor Activity Pairings for Screen-Free Week

Have you committed to “turning on life” for Screen-Free Week? If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to grab my BINGO Board for lots of screen-free fun activities to keep you going this week.

As you know, we’re a book-loving family, so of course, I love to pair books with our activities as often as possible! Here are a few to match up with our Screen-Free Week BINGO Challenge.

Screen-Free BINGO Book Recommendations

We have rain and chilly weather predicted all week, so we’re dreaming of getting outside! I’m definitely tucking these ideas away for the weekend or another time though. If you’re sunny and warm, we’d love to hear about your activities exploring the outdoors!

Book/Activity Pairings: Go on a Scavenger Hunt || Screen-Free BINGO
Books to accompany Going on a Scavenger Hunt include 199 Series, 1000 Things Under the Sea, 1000 Animals, World of Animals, Outdoor Book, The Great Wildlife Search, The Great Animal Search, 1001 Things to Spot Series, and our Pocket Books Series.

Book/Activity Pairings: Watch the Clouds & Name What You See || Screen-Free BINGO
While you’re watching clouds, you can also incorporate these books to learn more about different kinds of clouds and the weather. Lift-the-Flap Seasons and Weather, See Inside Weather and Climate, Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Weather, Turn and Learn: Weather, Weather (Beginners Series).

Book/Activity Pairings: Have a Picnic || Screen-Free BINGO

Mealtime can become more of a challenge at times than anything else with our rambunctious 2-year-old. Picnics help keep it fun! Here are some books we would use to prepare for and talk about our picnic: Children’s World Cookbook, Start to Cook, Outdoor Book, Billy the Goat’s Big Breakfast, Create Your Own Pizzeria, and The Thank You Dish.

Book/Activity Pairings: Plant Something || Screen-Free BINGO

We’re starting our first little garden this year and my daughter was so happy to help me plant the seeds! We’ll be transplanting soon and I’m excited to talk more about growing our own food, just like my granddad did. We have some of these books already, but I have my eye on adding them all to our home library for the growing season! Book of Growing Food, Flowers (Young Beginners Series), How Flowers GrowScience with Plants, How Do Flowers Grow, Too Many Tomatoes (we love this story!), and Secrets of the Vegetable Garden.


Have you joined our BINGO Challenge? Be sure to join my Facebook group – Jaime’s Book Corner VIPs too! You can earn points for participating or get daily activity ideas, along with lots more fun surrounding books and literacy. Plus, there’s a HUGE prize up for grabs this week!!

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