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New Titles Book Box

Did you know we released TONS of new titles this summer? We have so many new favorites with these releases – books about feelings, sweet stories, exciting non-fiction about mysteries and dinosaurs, personalized books, and my daughter’s must-have at all times,Β new music book! I know sometimes it can be overwhelming to browse them all to identify which books might be the right fit for your readers. Or maybe you’re like me and you want ALL the books, ALL the time!

Through our own purchases and by scouring all the recommendations from my fellow consultants, I have picked out what I think are the absolute best, have to have, new releases for each age group!Β Now I present to you…

New Titles Book Boxes!

Simply order the box most suitable to your child’s age and before you know it, you’ll have great new additions to your home library! If you have any questions about these boxes or anything else, feel free to contact me anytime!

order here!

This is a discounted offer exclusively available through Jaime’s Book Corner.


New Titles Book Boxes || Jaime's Book Corner

New Titles Book Box Ages 0-2 || Jaime's Book Corner

New Titles Book Box Ages 3-5 || Jaime's Book Corner

New Titles Book Box Ages 6-9 || Jaime's Book Corner

New Titles Book Box Ages 10-12 || Jaime's Book Corner


4 thoughts on “New Titles Book Box”

    1. Yes!! I always gift a book and a learning toy that can grow with kids! The 0-2 books are always my favorites because I’ve loved watching my now 2.5 year old daughter grow with them πŸ™‚


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