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12 Books of Christmas Box

When I think about Christmas day from my childhood, I feel a warmth of joy in giving gifts, taste my first bite of Congo cookies, smell the ham baking, and hear shrieks of excitement from my chaotic extended family. Now that I’m a parent, I want to create long-lasting memories for my children to cherish.

One of our family’s favorite traditions so far is our 12 Books of Christmas! We love picking out and wrapping 12 books to help us countdown to Christmas day. The holiday season can get so busy sometimes with the to-do’s that we enjoy this reminder each day to slow down and remember the little moments that are most important.

I’m happy to help bring one of our favorite family traditions to your home with 12 Books of Christmas!

12 Books of Christmas with Jaime's Book Corner

This will be our oldest daughter’s fifth Christmas and our fourth year wrapping up 12 books for her to open in the days leading up to Christmas. We love watching her face light up each time she tears open her package to see a new book.

For this exclusive offer, you will receive 12 books for $125. They will be individually wrapped and delivered to your door! This price includes tax, shipping, and you get a value of $150 in books!

You can make this unique gift completely your own! Create a wishlist of books based on your child’s age and interests or let me pick them for you. Mix and match to include non-Christmas books or make the box completely holiday-themed!

To give the gift of reading to the children in your lives with a 12 Books of Christmas Box, fill out this form before November 5, 2021.

Our book fairies need plenty of time to order, wrap, and ship your books. We also want to make sure you get the best books before they sell out!

We can’t wait to have you join us for our 12 Books of Christmas tradition and have a reason to slow down and enjoy family time during the holidays.

For help picking out the best books, check out these posts: New Releases for 2021, Book Suggestions by Age, and New Releases, Top Sellers, & Unique Books.

Order your 12 Books of Christmas here!

If you have any questions, contact me anytime.


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