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The Most Unique Books for Your 12 Books of Christmas Box!

12 Books of Christmas make a unique, memorable gift for any child! - Jaime's Book Corner

Whether you are participating in my 12 Books of Christmas this year or simply looking for the perfect books to give the gift of reading, you’re in the right place! I have put together a list of our top sellers, seasonal selections, and some of our family’s favorites to offer you my best book recommendations for easy Christmas shopping. As always, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please contact me. You can also browse my shop.

First off, we are going to start with the most Unique Books we offer and we’re covering a variety of ages!

Books to make your child say WOW this Christmas! - Jaime's Book Corner

These are the books that really make a child (and me!) say WOW! They expand the imagination, making reading and learning fun, and capture a child’s attention as much as a screen, if not more! These are the reasons I believe they are perfect to include in your home to create wonderful memories for years to come.

Busy Train Book – Little children will love to watch the train as it whizzes around the tracks in this delightful interactive book. Colorful scenes with embedded tracks provide lots to see and talk about as the train begins its busy morning at the station, before zooming though tunnels, out into the countryside and over a viaduct before reaching its destination. (We also offer Busy Bug, Busy Car, Busy Helicopter, and for a limited time – Busy SantaIf your child prefers wind-up toys, take a look at our Bus, Plane, Race Cars, Train, or Tractor Book.

Big Book of Big Dinosaurs – This enormous book is perfect for kids fascinated by gigantic dinosaurs. It is full of the biggest dinosaurs on land, in the sea, and in the air and it includes giant foldout pages to show the most enormous dinosaurs. All of our Big Books create excitement with their huge fold-out pages, about any non-fiction topic currently capturing your child’s interest – Big Machines, Big Animals, Big Trains, Stars & Planets, Big Bugs, Big Tractors, Big Trucks, Rockets and Spacecraft, The Body, and Sea Creatures.

Lifesize – Come paw to paw with a polar bear and eye to eye with a giant squid in this interactive book that invites children to compare parts of their bodies with life-size artworks of different animals. How big are your ears compared to a kangaroo’s? What about the teeth of a tiger or the tongue of a giraffe – think they’re bigger than yours? A gallery is included in the back that gives fascinating facts and details about all the animals. We also have Lifesize Dinosaurs available.

Doctor Academy – Do you have an aspiring doctor in your life? THIS is the book they need and will love!! This activity book will help them learn all about the skills needed to be a primary care doctor or surgeon, including how to work out what’s wrong with a patient, what different organs and bones do, how to take a pulse, and how an X-ray machine works. Pair it with a working stethoscope and your gift-giving will be their favorite this year! What else does your child want to be when they grow up? We have a book for them too – all including a model, poster, stickers, and games. Maybe an Astronaut, Architect, Vet, Engineer, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Coder, Pilot, or Chef?

Nibbles – Have you met Nibbles, the Book Monster? Get ready to fall in love! He’s cute, funny, and can’t get enough of books! Laugh along with your child as he nibbles his way into 3 fairytales, and while he’s in there, he changes the outcome of the stories. They’ll want to read it again and again. You’ll also love Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide and a brand new release, Nibbles: The Monster Hunt, where he BLASTS OFF into a new adventure! If your child is two and under, Nibbles: Numbers is a huge favorite in our home! Pair any of the books with our cute plush Nibbles.

Hello, Happy – Our Mindful Kids Series offer an approachable way to help children tackle the complex emotions they face. Drawing and writing exercises help the child to define and understand their feelings, deal with emotions, and discover paths to happiness, peace, and positivity. Also available – Stay Strong for those experiencing bullying, No Worries to help anxiety and stress, Be Brave for young people who sometimes feel scared or afraid.

Coding for Beginners Using Scratch – This friendly and accessible book will teach children the basics of Scratch (a free, online program developed by MIT which is widely used in elementary schools), allowing them to get inside the code of their computer and create simple games and animations on screen. We also offer Coding for Beginners Using Python, as well as My First Computer Coding Book Using ScratchJr for younger ages, 4+.

All Better! – I love this book and I want to gift it to every child in my life ages 1, 2, or 3! It is a board book with “sticker” band-aids! They are hard plastic so they can be reused again and again. In this book, Dog hurts his foot, Sheep scratches her tummy, and Bear sits on a splinter! Oh no, what will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it! The story teaches compassion and the band-aids are a fun learning opportunity to match with the colors on the first page and the animals throughout the story.

Muddle and Match: Jungle Animals – This book was our very first introduction to Usborne Books & More when we bought it from a craft show for our daughter’s first Christmas. She was in a huge phase of flipping through pages on her own and we loved that each page was split into 3 sections. We also thought the stories were silly and would be fun to read together. As she ages, I love the idea of her imagination growing as she makes up her own funny stories and creates awesome animals as she flips through the split pages and muddles everything up! More in this series – Farm Animals, Adventure, Imagine, Monsters, Jobs, Sports, Fairy Tales, and Superheroes.

Secrets of Winter: Shine-a-Light – Shine a flashlight behind the page or hold it to the light to reveal what is hidden in and around different places and things. Discover a world of great surprises! What child can resist the magic? Plus, us adults love the fact that these are all non-fiction, which means the child is learning. Shh, don’t tell! There are so many titles to choose from with our top-selling Shine-a-Light books, you’re bound to find one for your reader to love – Secrets of the Apple Tree, Secrets of the Seashore, Secrets of the Rain Forest, On the Train, On the Construction Site, On the Space Station, On the Plane, Secrets of the Vegetable Garden, The Human Body, Secrets of Animal Camouflage, At the Garage, At the Hospital, At the Library, Dinosaurs, In the City, On the Farm, Secrets of Our Earth, Wonders of the USA, and Wonders of Our World. Some titles are available in Spanish as well. We also offer the Shine-a-Light Starter Collection – you get 5 books and save $5!

Dragon Post – I fall in love with every book Emma Yarlett releases (she’s the creator of Nibbles)! She does such an amazing job of capturing the reader and pulling them into another world with her stories. This book follows Alex when he finds a dragon living in the cupboard under the stairs. Luckily, he knows just what to do. He writes letters to lots of different people – including the fire brigade and the butcher – to ask how he should take care of his surprise visitor. Children will love opening the five envelopes and reading the hilarious letters to Alex and then following his magical adventure with his new fiery friend.

You Choose – This is another book I think should be included in every home library across the country! It invites children to use their imagination and keeps them talking and learning. We first purchased it as a speech therapy tool to improve our daughter’s vocabularly and we love the conversations it still generates from her creative mind. Imagine you could go anywhere, with anyone and do anything. Where would you live? Where would you sleep? Who would your friends be? This book supports speech and language development, encourages independent thinking and makes decision making fun! We also own You Choose In Space and Just Imagine.

Coming soon: the rest of my gift guide in the photos below.

If you’re ready to order a 12 Books of Christmas gift box for your child, start by filling out this form. This is a special offer available only from Jaime’s Book Corner to purchase until October 25.

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