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Free Virtual Kids Camps with UBAM!

I’m so excited to announce I am offering virtual Kids Camps for the month of May! I know summer is looking different than a lot of us planned, so I want to bring you some free educational fun for your children ages 3-9.
Virtual Kids Camps with Jaime's Book Corner!

We will have 6 themed camps – Dinosaurs, Space, Pet Vet, Cooking, Spy, and Wilderness! Each will include a book read-aloud, interview with an expert, and science experiment or art project, plus worksheets to enjoy.

For the protection and safety of your children, attending with an adult chaperone is required. Please also RSVP using the adult’s name. All of the content is 100% kid-friendly, this is just an added safety measure for kids when they will be in a live chat setting.

These free camps are kicking off this Friday, May 8 with Space Camp! This is something new I’m trying, so I hope you can join me! Who’s ready to get camping?!

Free Online Kids Camps - May 2020 with Jaime's Book Corner
If you have any questions, comment below or contact me!

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