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Best Birthday Books from UBAM

So far this year, birthdays have been celebrated a little differently. Drive-by parades, special video messages, virtual chats, and of course, my favorite: BOOKS! Here are some of our Best Birthday Books to make someone smile on their special day.

Farmer's Market Surprise by Hazel Mitchell [] Jaime's Book Corner
Farmer’s Market Surprise
Join best friends Addy and Alice as they hop, shop, and count their way through a trip to the farmer’s market. What are they going to do with 3 cartons of ice cream, 5 pieces of pretty paper, and TEN cupcakes, Alice wonders? Well, Addy has an unexpected, delightful – and delicious – surprise planned! At the end, there is a page of items to search for and count throughout the book.

The Birthday Mix-up by Sally Rippin [] Jaime's Book Corner
The Birthday Mixup
This is part of our elementary fiction series for ages 4-7 featuring Billie B. Brown. She is a well-loved character that girls will easily relate to through her adventures of first sleepovers to ballet lessons, playing with boys, and managing friendships. In this adventure, Billie’s party is going to be the best ever. She has lots of fun things planned! Now she just has to wait for her friends to show up … or will the day turn out to be The Birthday Mix-up?

The Best Party Ever by Sally Rippin [] Jaime's Book Corner
The Best Party Ever
Meet Billie’s best friend, Jack. They can’t wait for Jack’s birthday party. It’s going to be the best ever. Then Billie gets sick and can’t come. Jack’s party turns out to be The Best Party Ever, but what about Billie? This early reader series for ages 4-7 featuring Billie B. Brown’s best friend, Jack, is full of down-to-earth, real-life, fun and funny stories that boys can enjoy and relate to. With word art or illustrations on every second page, and no huge blocks of text or intimidating words, they’re perfect for newly independent readers.

Fox's Box by Emilia Zebrowska [] Jaime's Book Corner
Fox’s Box
This cheerful little picture book is perfect for birthdays or any kind of day that needs a little celebration. Filled with animals, colors, adjectives, and prepositions, it’s a whole lot of wonderful in one rhyming, rhythmic… package. What’s inside the festive box? Speculate along with a curious fox and an ensemble of animal friends.

Monsters Go Party! by Zanna Davidson [] Jaime's Book Corner
Monster’s Go Party!
Billy is an ordinary boy until one night he finds five mini monsters living in his sock drawer. In this story, Billy’s off to a birthday party. He can’t wait! And neither can his Mini Monsters… they’ve snuck into the party too! Soon Gloop’s in the gelatin, Trumpet’s on a balloon, and Fang-Face is about to become the birthday surprise… Billy and the Mini Monsters is another great series for young or reluctant readers. The pages are colorful, the book is funny, and some of the illustrations resemble comic books.

Croc Gets a Shock: Usborne Phonics Reader by Mairi Mackinnon & Fred Blunt [] Jaime's Book Corner
Croc Gets a Shock
Croc wakes up late, oh no! Everything is going wrong as she gets ready for her birthday party! Follow Croc through her day with humorous rhyming text and lively illustrations in this silly picture book. Our Phonics readers are great for sharing together or for children who are beginning to read independently. Includes a phonics guide for parents.

Bee Makes Tea: Usborne Phonics Reader by Lesley Sims & Fred Blunt [] Jaime's Book Corner
Bee Makes Tea
This Phonics story follows Bee as she prepares a party for her Queen Bee’s birthday. It must be grand, but oh no, things aren’t going as she planned! Cute and catchy, this is our favorite Phonics story. Also includes guidance notes for parents at the back of the book.

I hope you found the perfect book to help celebrate a birthday or any day! Happy reading!

7 Books to Celebrate Birthdays [] Jaime's Book Corner

Looking for another way to celebrate? How about a Virtual Birthday Party?


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