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Books to Celebrate Father’s Day

Give the father in your life the opportunity to make precious memories! Gifting these books to read with his child will truly bring such joy for years to come. Here are the perfect Books for Father’s Day:

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears [] Jaime's Book Corner
The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears
This is the perfect silly bedtime story for ages 4-7! Join Jamie and his Dad as they create their own bedtime story. A predictable fairy tale soon transforms into an energetic, hilarious story of bears and princes jostling with broccoli-wielding frogs, evil-eyed ninja witches, and jewel thief princesses. This action-packed adventure will inspire parents and children to embark on their very own storytelling journeys together.

Busy Trucks on the Go by Eric Ode [] Jaime's Book Corner
Busy Trucks on the Go
In this favorite by Eric Ode, a father and son take us on a journey from farms to cities, where vehicles from buses to fire trucks are working every day, through the seasons, from morning until a final good night. This book features bright and lively illustrations from Kent Culotta and Eric Ode’s delightfully engaging rhyming text. It’s bound to become a read-aloud favorite at storytime and bedtime!

Are you there little elephant? [] Jaime's Book Corner
Are You There Little Elephant?
We’re on a search for little elephant! Can we find him? Let’s pick through holes and shapes but no, that’s not the elephant’s trunk… it’s a snake! At the end, this cute little book finds elephant was hiding with daddy all along. This is a perfect story for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers!

Are you there little owl? [] Jaime's Book Corner
Are You There Little Owl?
Little owl is hiding! As we make our way through the forest, we keep thinking they have found the owl, only for it to turn out to be something else when we turn the page. Children will love the surprise element of turning the pages until finally, on the last page, little owl is revealed! Can you guess who little owl is having a snuggle with?

My Daddy is a Hero [] Jaime's Book Corner
My Daddy is a Hero
Military daddies do all kinds of jobs in all kinds of places, but there’s one thing every military child knows for sure – “My Daddy is a Hero!” This is a great book to remind kiddos of how their daddy does important, selfless, honorable work. It can also help explain why daddy is sometimes away for work. This is a wonderful book for any child with a father that has to be deployed.

B is for Bedtime by Margaret Hamilton & Anna Pignataro [] Jaime's Book Corner
B is for Bedtime
“B for the Book with my dad. It’s a winner.” This timeless before-bed classic is told in gentle rhythmic verse, leading us through a charming A-to-Z bedtime routine beginning after dinner to falling asleep. This sweet story will become a favorite read-aloud, as children learn their letters at the same time.

Luna Loves Library Day [] Jaime's Book Corner
Luna Loves Library Day
Luna’s parents live apart, but she loves library day: that’s the day she spends with her dad. They read a book together about two parents that fight and separate, but both parents still love their daughter even though they aren’t together anymore. This is a sweet book to read with a child that lives within a divorced family.

I hope this list helped you find a new book to love! Check out my other lists for easy gift ideas!

Books to Celebrate Father's Day [] Jaime's Book Corner


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