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Christmas Book Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

If you’re shopping for a baby or toddler this Christmas, here are some great ideas! Any of these books would be a good choice for a 12 Books of Christmas bundle too.

Christmas and Winter Books Ages 0-2

Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Christmas
Sparkly Santa Claus Touchy-Feely
Very First Words Christmas
Noisy Touchy-Feely Santa
Baby’s Very First Slide and See Christmas
Are you there little reindeer?
That’s Not My Elf
Santa Flap Book
That’s Not My Reindeer
Very First Christmas Carols
Baby’s Very First Noisy Book Christmas
Merry Christmas Baby

Christmas and Winter Books Ages 2-4

Are you there little reindeer?
Twinkly Twinkly Christmas Tree
The Snowy Day
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Pop-Up Christmas
That’s Not My Penguin
1001 Things to Spot At Christmas
Santa Flap Book
The Nutcracker
A Christmas Carol
The Twelve Days of Christmas
What is Snow

Year-Round Top Sellers for Babies and Toddlers

This Is Owl
Nibbles Numbers
Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Animals
Once Upon a Timely
Don’t Tickle the Hippo
Baby’s Very First Black and White Library
123 Counting
What are Germs
I’m a Dirty Dinosaur
That’s Not My Unicorn
What’s a Potty For
Kisses, Cuddles, and Goodnight

Year-Round Top Sellers for School Age Children

Be Brave!
Mind Your Manners
100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly
The Human Body Shine-a-Light
Beast Feast
Race to the End of the World
Double Dare You
Dinosaurs Shine-a-Light
The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears
Magic Painting Unicorns

*Availability of books subject to change

Did you see the New Releases, Top Sellers, and Unique Books? You can find those suggestions HERE.


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