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New Releases, Top Sellers, and Unique Books for Christmas!

Here are some of my top recommendations for 12 Books of Christmas bundles and gifts this year!

Poppy & Sam’s Christmas
Santa Post
Winter Wonderland Jigsaw Puzzle
Santa Sound Book
Lift-the-Flap Play Hide & Seek with Reindeer
Enchanted Christmas Magic Painting Book
Christmas Activity Book

The Story of Baby Jesus
First Sticker Book Nativity
That’s Not My Angel
Baby Jesus Little Board Book
Little Stickers Nativity Play
Illustrated Bible Stories
Touchy-Feely The Nativity
Nativity Flap Book

Pull-Back Busy Santa Book
Very First Christmas Carols
Pop-Up ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Twinkly-Twinkly Christmas Tree

Pull-Back or Wind-Up Busy Books
Big Books
You Choose
Shine-a-Light Books
Build Your Own Books
Mindful Kids Series – Hello, Happy!
Muddle and Match Books
Academy Series
Pop-Up Fairy Tales
Dragon Post
Ludwig the Space Dog
*Links coming soon*

Winter Wonderland Sticker Book
Christmas Magic Painting Book
Christmas Puzzle Pad
Wipe-Clean Christmas Activities
Color & Pop-Up Christmas
Little Children’s Christmas Activity Book
Little Sparkly Christmas Sticker Book
Christmas Patterns to Color
Christmas Stained Glass Coloring
Magic Painting Christmas Cards
Fingerprint Activities Christmas
Christmas Activity Book

*Availability of books subject to change

If you’re looking for some book ideas by age, you can find some more suggestions HERE.


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