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Virtual Book Club 2021

Our Virtual Book Club began in July 2020 and I’m so excited to have it continue into the new year.

We meet virtually on the last Thursday of every other month to discuss our chosen book. These are young adult fiction reads from Usborne Books and More so the books are generally shorter and easier to finish in the craziness of life.

Last year we completed 4 books and enjoyed them all. The overwhelming favorite was our November choice, The Book of Secrets. We all couldn’t wait to start the second book! Polly and Buster held a special place for me. It reminded me of Harry Potter, but quicker to read and it had such a sweet story of friendship and a great moral that’s so applicable to today’s world for all ages. We also read The Vanishing and Butterflies.

These UBAM books are often filled with life lessons, morals, and important topics – making them a great choice for discussion. Plus they are great to pass on to the children in your life! I’m personally building my library for when my girls are older.

Ready to join us? Yay, we can’t wait to “see” you at discussion! Sign up here.

You can also click on the pictures below to RSVP to the Facebook event for reminders and updates.


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