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Five Favorite Reads for Fall!

Sweatshirt season is officially upon us! There’s nothing I enjoy more when the weather cools down than cuddling up for some good reads.

These are five of our family’s favorites! (for the 6 and under crowd)

Secrets of the Apple Tree

For our family, fall means apple picking! It takes me back to being at my grandparents’ house, the smell of the apples on the trees and being cooked into applesauce, oh yum! So this is by far a must-read. Plus it has hidden pictures that appear by shining a light behind the page, which makes reading even more fun!

Millie-Mae Through The Seasons

My daughter fell in love with Millie-Mae from the moment we read the first book in this series. There are only two currently, but we’re dying for more to be released! Mille-Mae loves wearing dresses and playing outside, just like my daughter. This is a great, relatable way to talk about the seasons with young kids.

This Is Owl

We love books about owls, especially this one because it’s so interactive! Blow away the rain clouds, draw a moon with your finger, and tap on an egg to find out what’s inside as you follow Owl around through his day. We have all of the “This Is” books, but owl is by far my personal favorite.

Are you there little bat?

These cute board books are both a sweet story and a guessing game. We’re looking for bat and we think we found him because there’s his nose! But wait, it’s scampering squirrel instead, oh no! Guess we have to keep looking. No matter which book you choose in this series, I think you’ll find yourself smiling. It’s one of my favorites for short bedtime stories.

Trick or Treat Parakeet

We can’t have a list of fall books without including one for Halloween! The Phonics Readers are so loved in our home. They’re silly stories with fun characters and rhyming text. We read this newer title so many times through the season!

Which one do you think you’d love? Did I miss any of your favorites?

Looking for more books to read this fall? We have you covered with our full list here!


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