2022 New Releases, Book Lists

New Picture Books Your Family Will Love!

We’ve found so many new picture books we love in our family, I just had to share them with you! These were all released by Usborne and Kane Miller in 2022.

Rhyming Alphabet

In this funny picture book, follow the story of how an alphabet book is made! Will you choose Apple for A and Zebra for Z or will you find quirkier words? The rhyming text, full of alliterations, will make learning plenty of new words fun. Perfect for sharing!

The Smile

A smile is a beautiful gift. Follow one smile’s journey to discover all the joy it brings. A celebration of kindness, no matter what form it may take.


Stella wants to be an astronaut… but Stella is an elephant. Every time she applies to Space Command, they come up with a new reason she can’t join, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and Stella is determined to reach for the stars. This was an absolute MUST to add to our shelf for our little space-loving girl.

Big Dog, Little Dog

Big Dog had a good life, with everything that a dog could want… even if it was a little lonely sometimes. Then, one day, everything changed… Adjusting to a new little dog in the house can be very challenging for some big dogs, but eventually, things have a way of working out for the best.

Unicorns Don’t Love Rainbows

You think that all unicorns love rainbows? Think again, because this unicorn certainly doesn’t! In fact, there are a lot of things he doesn’t like, and he’ll tell you all about it… An endearing, funny, and heartfelt story about empathy, kindness, celebrating what makes us different, and… unicorns!

We Love You, Magoo

Magoo has his own ideas about what a dog should do — in the kitchen, in the car, at dinnertime, and at bedtime! But there are so many rules and things a dog can’t do. An ideal read-aloud pitched perfectly at the preschooler who is just learning the rules, but who loves being the boss.

Never Teach a Stegosaurus to Do Sums

Just imagine the riotous adventures – from coding to rocketship building – that might ensue if a dinosaur learned a little math! Not even the sky’s the limit to all the fun! We loved Never Show a T-Rex a Book, the first in this series, so we knew we had to get this one right away. It had the same exciting illustrations and imaginative story!

It’s Mine!

Emma Yarlett, author of Nibbles, is one of our favorites! Anytime she releases a new book, we order it right away. In this picture book, there once was a mysterious thing. Nobody knew how it got there, it just was. “It’s mine, all MINE!” say Mouse, Frog, Fox, and Bear, but who will get to keep it in the end? Readers will surely want to claim this prize for themselves!

Owl in a Towel

We love Usborne’s Phonics Readers because they are short, silly stories that have the whole family laughing! They are thin and lightweight too, so they always come on trips with us. In this new release, who’s that flying in the sky? It’s SuperOwl! She comes to the rescue, time and again, but is everything quite as it seems? A funny rhyming story, specially written to develop phonemic awareness, starring quirky characters and stunning illustrations. Also includes free online audio to listen to the story.

Which new picture book do you think your family would choose first?

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