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New Learning Resources from Usborne and Kane Miller

Usborne and Kane Miller help make our learning at home exciting, interactive, and engaging! Whether you homeschool or just want to add more fun learning opportunities at home for all ages, I have you covered! Here are a few new releases we’ve added to our shelves and our ever-growing wishlist!

Ages 11+

100 Things to Know About Food

Did you know that it takes 40,000 bees to fill an orchard with apples? Or that scientists can now grow burgers in a lab? This eye-catching graphics-style information book is filled with one hundred interesting facts to learn about food. You can learn about how cooking came about, the different methods used (grilling, boiling, fermentation, etc.), and what purposes it served in terms of nutrition. Impress your friends with the weird and wonderful facts in this entertaining book!

Ages 10+

Understanding Physics

Rather than explaining details about how to do physics, this book focuses on explaining what different branches of physics are about, how we know about them, and what mysteries remain for budding physicists to uncover. It doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff, tackling Black Holes, quantum mechanics, and even Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Ages 9+

Kid Engineer Series

In this brand new series, take a closer look at different engineering fields and skills needed for our world to function. Simple step-by-step hands-on activities encourage readers to develop their own engineering and design skills. Get the whole series and save money, includes: Working with Buildings and Structures, Working with Computers and Robotics, Working with Energy, Working with Machines, Working with Materials, and Working with Transport

Ages 8+

Cities of the World – Book & Jigsaw Puzzle

With bright illustrations and snappy introductions to each city, this charming book and jigsaw set is an ideal way for children to have fun learning the names and locations of famous cities all over the world and to find out about their landmarks, culture, and heritage. The puzzle comes with 300 pieces.

Write Your Own Story Word Book

Do you wish you could add some EXTRA MAGIC to your stories? This book is packed full of words to help with creating characters, setting scenes, and writing EXCITING STORIES! There’s also plenty of space to build your own word bank. Open this book and enter the wonderful world of words! Plus check out the rest of the exciting Write Your Own series!

Ages 7+

Fold-Out Planet Earth Timeline

From the Big Bang to the present day, discover the wonders of our ever-changing planet as you fold out this brightly illustrated book. Then turn it over to find out how, through billions of years of volcanic eruptions, ice ages, and mass extinctions, life on Earth has emerged. Also available: Fold-Out Solar System & Fold-Out Dinosaur Timeline

Ages 6+

Lift-the-Flap Trees

What kind of tree grows in the sea? How tall are the tallest trees? Which tree can change how its leaves taste? This flap book holds the answers, along with masses of other amazing tree facts, and can tell you why we need trees – and why they need our help.

Animals of the USA Activity Book

Readers will absorb the many interesting wildlife facts embedded throughout the book as they match the animal to its home state, count the bald eagles, play a manatee memory game, and so much more. Also available: Spirit of the USA Activity Book

Lots of Things to Know About Animals

An engaging collection of amazing facts exploring the wonders of the animal world. How do monkeys clean their teeth? Which baby animal is bigger than its parents? Why do pandas do handstands? How high can bumblebees fly? This delightful information book provides all the answers and reveals lots more things you’ll never guess about different types of animals. Charmingly illustrated and approachably written to spark children’s curiosity and build their enthusiasm for the natural world.

Ages 5+

Times Tables Matching Games and Book

Make learning times tables fun and interactive with this engaging memory game for children. It includes two games to play with the 36 cards and 4 boards, alongside a helpful book with tips and instructions for playing the games.

Ages 4+

Wheels! All About Transport

Come and hitch a ride in vehicles of every shape and size —from family cars to double-decker buses, chugging tractors to speedy supercars, and gigantic monster trucks to noisy fire engines. With bounce-along rhythms and fascinating facts, any single reading is sure to result in a victory lap or two!

Ages 3+

Alphabet – Book & Jigsaw Puzzle

Little children can have fun as they begin to learn all the letters of the alphabet with this book and jigsaw puzzle. Bright illustrations of animals, vehicles, and more, along with large, clear letters, are perfect for building first literacy skills, such as letter shape recognition and linking letters and sounds.

Numbers – Book & Jigsaw Puzzle

This delightful book and jigsaw puzzle is an ideal way to introduce the numbers 1-10. The bright, appealing illustrations provide plenty of opportunities for counting, helping children understand the link between numbers and quantities, and the large, clear text supports the development of number recognition skills.

First Steps in Coding Collection

Learn key coding concepts and gain critical thinking practice through lively robot adventures, complete with glossaries, in this child-friendly skill-building series written by a neuroscience expert. The complete collection includes: What’s an Algorithm?, What’s Decomposition?, What’s a Loop?, What’s Branching?, What’s Sequencing?, and What’s a Variable? They are also available individually.

All Year Round

From the days of the week to the seasons, to the pages of the calendar, how we measure time is explained and explored with vibrant illustrations and charming text filled with prompts with space to write your own calendar of special days.

Numbers Matching Games and Book

This delightful memory game is an ideal way for little children to have fun as they learn to count and recognize numbers. The box contains bingo boards, cards, and a book, which has instructions for two different matching games as well as colorful illustrations showing the numbers 1 to 10.

Alphabet Matching Games and Book

With bingo boards, picture cards, and a book, these delightful games are an ideal way for young children to have fun as they begin to learn the alphabet and make links between letters and sounds. The book introduces the letters of the alphabet and includes instructions for two different memory games that can be played with the boards and cards.

Count to Ten and Back Again…

Buzz, buzz, buzz. What can that be? Can you find one buzzy bee? Little children can learn to count to 10 by lifting the flaps of this appealing board book to find one bee, two croaking frogs, three splashing fish, and many more animals. There’s a little surprise at the end of the book with encouragement to count back down from 10 to zero. This is our 2-year-old’s current favorite!

Peek Inside a Bird’s Nest

Peek into a bird’s nest to see what the bird is looking after. See eggs hatching and the life of a baby bird in a nest. Peek into all kinds of other bird nests too, from sociable weaver birds’ giant communal nests to the teeniest tiniest hummingbird nest. Some birds don’t have nests, so where do they keep their eggs? Meet an emperor penguin to see! By the way, Peek Inside books are some of my favorites for 3 & 4 year-olds!

Ages 2+

First Alphabet Book

Join Bunny on a fun-filled run through the alphabet, in this playful board book for little children who are starting to learn their ABCs. Each letter is brought to life with a new word and a whimsical illustration that grown-ups and little people can talk about as they read along together. There is a First Numbers Book available as well, if you’d like the set.

6 months+

Very First Words Library

This brand new series of lively picture word board books will help very young children build their vocabulary. Playful illustrations combine with the simplest text, as children are introduced to lots of new words! On every page, there are whimsical illustrations and intriguing peek-through holes to keep young readers interested and engaged.


Baby’s Black & White Books

Children begin learning the moment they are born! These striking board books are the perfect way to introduce babies to lots of new things. On every page, there are dramatic, high-contrast illustrations and sturdy holes to peek through that will fascinate and delight babies. Talking with them through these books will encourage language development and sensory awareness.

Did you add anything to your wish list? If yours is overflowing like mine, let me help!

Want to see more new releases? Check out these lists too!


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