Sales & Special Offers

Monthly Book Bundles

What’s one way to keep reading fun and exciting? Buying new books every month! That can get expensive fast, so let me help you save with a monthly subscription box!

You will receive 2-3 books per month, catered to age and interest. Tax and shipping is included.

Choose from a 3 month subscription, 6 month subscription, or simply try it out for a month! Just imagine the joy with every new box of books. Let’s help spread the love of reading, one book at a time!

You can make a wish list or have the books be a complete surprise! If your shelves feature some Usborne and Kane Miller books, we will work together to ensure you will not receive duplicates.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me!

*This is an exclusive offer only available from Jaime’s Book Corner, an Independent Consultant with Usborne Books and More.


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