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Summer Reading BINGO Challenge

Sometimes with the busy days of summer, reading gets left behind. Here’s a little BINGO printable to keep it fun all summer long!

You can find your free printable to complete the Summer Reading Challenge at the bottom of this post! First, I wanted to share some book ideas for the BINGO spots!

We absolutely love reading about animals! Here are a few of our favorites from Usborne and Kane Miller:

Need a book set at the beach? Our number one pick would be the picture book 1, 2, 3…by the Sea!

Monsters by the Sea is a super fun illustrated chapter book too! This series is so great to read aloud with younger kids or for reluctant readers.

No matter the weather, we love reading about rain. Choose one of these favorites on your next rainy day:

We love books that make us laugh! Have you read any from the Stories to Make You Laugh Collection yet?

A Hot, Cold Summer is a fun read for ages 10-14 and it helps fill out the “Summer” in the title BINGO spot!

This choose your own adventure book gives the reader the chance to make the decisions, and decide how the story goes! On the last day of school, Frankie Jones is looking down the barrel of a boring summer with only her guitar for company until…she gets a surprise chance to go to London! Should she go? Should she pick a beach vacation with her dad instead? Help her choose and follow your heart right to the end, or go back and choose all over again.

No matter the reader’s interest or age, there’s a book series to fill the longest summer days! Find your new favorite here. Two series I personally couldn’t get enough of recently were Polly and Buster, about the unlikely friendship between a witch and a monster, and the Mapmaker Chronicles, about Quinn, who is an unlikely candidate chosen to race around the world in a quest to create the first map of the world. Let me know which one you choose to love!

Need a book with a yellow cover? A couple of our favorites are Never Teach a Stegosaurus to Do Sums, and That’s Not My Unicorn.

We love story walks! If you’re local to Cleveland, Ohio, some of our favorites are included on this list: 19 Storybook Trails on Cleveland’s West Side

What better book to read with a flashlight than a Shine-a-Light book?! With these cool books, shine a flashlight behind the page or hold it to the light to reveal what is hidden in and around different places and things. Discover a world of great surprises!

Need ideas for a summer craft? My Summer Pinterest board has lots of crafts and activities that would pair perfectly with our seasonal books!

I hope this reading challenge keeps you happy and falling in love with books all summer long! You can find more of my Reading Challenges here!

Get your free Summer Reading Challenge printable here!


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