2022 New Releases

The Newest Books Released This October!

I can’t help but get all giddy and excited whenever I see new releases! We love refreshing our shelves, especially in a new season. Which of these books would you pick up first?

Fingerprint Activities Zoo

This colorful activity book is full of fun zoo animals and scenes to fingerprint, and comes with its own inkpad of seven bright colors to paint with. This is a new addition to the popular series of Fingerprint Books! Ages 6+

Lift-the-Flap Looking After Our Ocean

Once teeming with plants and animals, our ocean is no longer in good shape. It’s warming up and becoming a dumping ground for plastic waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way! This new book offers all sorts of clever things that we can do to make life in the ocean healthy again. Ages 6+

Dance with the Elves Sound Book

Little children will love bouncing around to the Christmas music in this irresistible sound book. As well as dancing elves, there are reindeer and Christmas fairies having a boogie – and even Santa himself gets his dancing boots on! With one very simple “move” to copy on each page and toe-tapping disco arrangements of well-loved festive tunes, this is a perfect way to hop, twirl, and waggle yourself into the Christmas spirit. Ages 10 months+

I Did See a Mammoth!

An intrepid bunch of explorers is studying penguins in the Antarctic, but one young explorer has discovered something different. Something totally wild, spectacularly cool … and EXTINCT! Ages 3+

I’m (Almost) Never Bored

“I’m BORED!” wails a little girl after her screen-time is cut short. “That’s great!” her dad says with a grin. “Being bored comes right before having a Really Good Idea.” After an initial protest, the little girl dives into her imagination and takes the reader with her on a whirlwind ride of pure fun. A cardboard box becomes a magical train, the washing machine inspires an imaginary trip into space, a scribbly doodle becomes a hungry spaghetti monster, and ants in the garden lead her into an escapade in the Funny Bug Circus. In a world where children can find entertainment at the touch of a button, it’s ever-more important that they have time to be bored – because that’s where they have the space to come up with their own Really Good Ideas. Ages 3+

Arctic Animals Sound Book

Little children will love pressing the buttons in this beautifully illustrated book to hear all the arctic animals come to life. From polar bears and walruses to snowy owls and narwhals, discover a world of fascinating animals and the different noises they make. Ages 3+

I’d love to hear what you think about any books you choose. Happy reading and learning!

Check out more of the newest releases if you’re interested!


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