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November Customer Specials

Every month, we offer a new selection of Customer Specials. For every $40 you spend this November, you get to select one of these books for a discount! These prices are up to 60% off and supplies are limited.

For more about each of the books available this month, keep reading!

Fingertrail 123

Meet 1 gentle giraffe, 2 tigers on a tandem, 3 trundling tractors, and much more in this charming introduction to numbers and counting up to 10. Gorgeous illustrations, irresistible finger trails, and alliterative text combine to make this a perfect book to help very young children learn number names, number shapes, and the amounts associated with them. Ages 1+

Tiny Tots: My Little Library

Six, simple first concept books for toddlers! With bold, bright illustrations, they are unbreakable and adorable! Each book is printed on tearproof, waterproof, wipe-clean material and sewn to withstand tough handling. Ages 1-3

One Brave Astronaut

Illustrate a story about an astronaut who travels into space and builds a home on the moon. Warm-up activities, a book planner, stickers, and visual prompts from real-life illustrators enable children to create their very own hardcover book in this innovative series. Ages 6+

Peek Inside Snowy Places

Peek under flaps and through holes to explore the snowiest places on Earth in this little wintry book. Peek under the snow to see polar bear cubs coming out of their den, seals and narwhals in the icy sea, peek behind penguins near the South Pole to meet their fluffy chicks, and peek behind the clouds to see the Northern Lights glowing in the sky. Ages 3+

Secretos de la selva tropical

Explora de cerca un hábitat de la selva tropical íy descubrirás un mundo lleno de sorpresas! Verás ranas arborícolas, monos, culebras y mucho más cuando iluminas el reverso de las páginas. Ages 4-8.

The Apple of My Pie

Fun foods pear – er, pair – up in this quirky board book that will have the entire family berry excited. These peek-through partnerships are really gouda together. All ages.

To purchase the books shared above for the Customer Special price, first add $40 of retail to your cart. Then click on the offer at the bottom of the page in your cart.

To purchase these for regular price, simply click the link or title in this post. You can also head to the shopping website and search the title.

Want more ways to save? Check out the current Internet Specials! These books are offered for a limited time and availability changes often.

I’d love to hear what you think about any books you choose. Happy reading and learning!


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