New Releases 2023

Everything NEW in February from PaperPie!

Did you know new books, activities, and STEAM toys are released every month from PaperPie? Here’s the full list for February!

Ages 10+

Epic Historic Adventures

In this brand new historical fiction series, follow characters throughout different time periods on their epic journeys. In The Boy and The Spy, Antonio from Sicily ’s little faces life-changing danger when he decides to trust an American spy who’s literally fallen from the sky. Fearless Frederic follows a boy and friends through dangers during the great flood in Paris. A Great Escape is about Peter, a boy left behind when his family makes a trip across the border during Cold War Berlin. These stand alone books are sure to excite readers!

Ages 8+

Organic Science Lab

Saving the planet starts with you!
This 21-piece science kit lets kids perform over 30 organic chemistry experiments using environmentally friendly science tools! The test tubes and beakers are made so that natural microorganisms can break them down more quickly than regular plastics. And when you’re done experimenting, the kit packaging is compostable! The illustrated 40-page book lets young eco-heroes perform experiments that demonstrate organic processes at work. Activities include making paper, cooking up four types of bioplastics, extracting DNA from plants, brewing natural watercolor paints, and even popping a balloon using an orange peel!
Includes a graduated cylinder, 120 mL beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, test tubes and test tube stand, papermaking deckle and frame, large and small bioplastic-forming trays, spatula, shape molds, pipette, 4 Latex Balloons, 100 mL of glycerin for making bioplastics, funnel, and paintbrush.
Adult supervision is required for several of the activities. Experiments require household ingredients not included in the kit. You can find a complete list of ingredients used in the recipes inside the book.

Ages 7+

Tiger Warrior Series

In this new series, Jack’s grandpa gives him a magical jade coin. He then learns that all the stories of the Jade Kingdom are real! Will he learn to harness the skills of the magical zodiac creatures in order to successfully defeat the Dragon King, the evil fox spirits, and the Lion beast? Will Jack be able to overcome his fears in order to save the kingdom?

Ages 6+

Coral Reefs

What is coral? How many types of creatures live on reefs? Why are some coral reefs turning white? This book has the answers to these questions and many more, along with photographs, step-by-step illustrations, simple text, and links to websites with video clips and activities. The Usborne Beginners books are great for kids to soak up knowledge about the world around us!

Ages 5+

Can We Really Help the Dolphins?

The sea creatures are having a rough ride at the moment, navigating plastic litter, chemical spills, warming oceans, and fishing supertrawlers. They share their predicament with some sparky, beach-loving kids – and together they make an exciting plan to save the world’s seas and oceans. This new release joins other favorites in the series: Can We Really Help the Polar Bears?, Can We Really Help the Trees?, and Can We Really Help the Bees?

Monsters on a Sleepover

Another laugh-out-loud monster adventure in the Billy and the Mini Monsters chapter book series, perfect for newly independent readers. Billy’s going to a sleepover party at his best friend Ash’s house. He’s VERY excited, but then everything starts to go WRONG. Sam’s feeling sick, Jack is scared, and Ahmed has injured his foot. Will the sleepover be a TOTAL DISASTER, or can Billy and his Mini Monsters show that being with friends is what matters most of all? Packed with color illustrations, comic strips, maps, and speech bubbles, with an action-packed plot to appeal to even the most reluctant reader.

Ages 4+

How Does My Body Work?

What’s inside my body? How does my brain work? And why do I need to eat? Whether it’s walking, talking, breathing, growing, eating, or excreting, your body has a LOT going on, but how does it do it? Lift the flaps in this fascinating book to find out!

Pangolin Plays the Mandolin

Pangolin loves playing her mandolin. There’s just one problem… She’s nocturnal so she’s twanging her strings in the middle of the night. The other animals in the rainforest aren’t happy to be kept awake. Will they reach a compromise? Starring quirky characters and stunning illustrations, this story has been specially written to develop phonemic awareness. Also includes a QR code that links to free online audio.

Ages 3+

Peek Inside the Deep Ocean

Dive down with a submersible to discover the mysteries of the ocean. Oceans cover most of our planet, and yet most of the depths remain unexplored. This book takes you deep down to find light-up jellyfish, diving whales, giant squid, and whole mountains at the bottom of the sea. Flaps and peek holes will draw young children into this intriguing subject and instill a love of this essential ecosystem.

Wipe-Clean Nature Activities

Young children will love completing the puzzles in this nature-themed book. As they use the special pen supplied to trace the dotted lines, solve mazes, spot differences and join numbered dots, they will also be practicing vital early-learning skills such as counting, observing and pen control. Then they can wipe the pages clean and do them all over again!

Ages 1+

My First Tag Puzzle

Complete the scenes with the easy-to-grasp tag puzzle pieces, and work to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These unique new puzzles are available as Farm or Dinosaur sets.

Ages 6 months +

Up in the Sky

Babies will love peering through little holes and unfolding the BIG flaps following two little birds as they discover what’s up in the sky

My First Words Farm & Garden

Babies will love looking at the bright pictures on the pages of these delightful word books. There are lots of farm or garden words to learn!

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