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Hello! I’m Jaime – a blogger, bartender, book lady, mother to my fiercely independent 2-year-old, and wife to my wonderful family man husband. I live on coffee, music, and a love for the ocean. I consider myself a social butterfly that loves board games and staying up late for good conversations, but I’m also an introvert at my core.

We decided it was best to stay home with my daughter when she was born because she had a few surprise medical conditions. Nothing life-threatening thankfully, but all-encompassing in much of the first year of her life. I learned so much about life and who I was in that time. Two years later, I have gone back to work a couple days a week.

I started Jaime’s Book Corner & More in June 2018 to connect with others who share a passion for children’s books, family, and living a balanced life.

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