Usborne Books in Italy!

Hi! I’m Jaime and it’s so nice to “meet” you! I am originally from Virginia, but have made my home in Cleveland, OH. I love the beach, board games, and staying up late for good conversations. Oh and I love books, of course!

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing with big plans to become a teacher. I became a bit of a career server/bartender instead 😉 Now I am grateful to spend my days at home with my little lady, Ava. She can be the sweetest angel some days and really test my patience the next. Have I mentioned yet that she’s almost 2? I am also grateful I have found the most supportive family man in my wonderful husband.

Our daughter had a few surprise medical conditions when she was born. Nothing life-threatening, but all-encompassing in much of the first year of her life. I know I did what I needed and wanted to do for her, but I also lost myself a bit in the process. In March of 2018, I found a home with Usborne Books & More and it gave me back a part of myself outside of motherhood. I had never before considered taking on a “sales-y” job, but with UBAM, I feel inspired by sharing these wonderful books and the mission of this company.