What exactly does an Usborne Books & More independent consultant do? And why?

The thought quickly crossed my mind when I saw all the amazing books laid out in front of me at a vendor show. Since you’re here, it’s safe to say maybe you’re at least a little bit intrigued — am I right?

Well, I could spend days telling you about all the perks and ways UBAM has helped my life. But let me give you the short version:

-Make your own hours around your life. My husband works odd hours so it’s a plus for me that I can schedule family time without work in the middle of the week.
-Find something for yourself outside of motherhood (or the 9-5 you loathe, school that you’re just not feeling passionate about, anything that gets you down). This was the number 2 reason for me.
-My number 1 was to make money! I have always been Miss Strong & Independent, so it’s important to me to be able to contribute to our finances now that I am Mrs. (Mostly) Stay at Home Mama. The weekly paychecks have helped pay for a reliable car to safely drive our little ladies around.
-Fill your bookshelves for less! Who doesn’t love books…and MORE books??
-SPREAD literacy. Though this is listed last, it is most definitely not least. Our children are growing in a world less focused on the written word. Help me keep this important skill alive!

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