Earn free books!


We want your bookshelf to look like this! Do you?

Let me host a book social for you! You invite some friends to join you online, get them excited, and I’ll do the rest to make it super fun. You get to sit back and talk about books with your guests, all while building up your home library for free! 

Ready to get lots of free books?? Choose your date!

How many free books will I get?
Once your party reaches $100 in sales (which is SO easy, believe me!), you start earning FREE and half-price books based on the total party sales! An average book party reaches $300-400 in sales, earning you at least $50 in free books and $75 in half-price books!

I want to throw a party!
Great! I can’t wait to help you build your bookshelf for free! Choose your date today!

So many books to love! Why not get them for free?