Story & Craft Activities

Dinosaur Story Time & Craft

So as I mentioned last time, I have tons of new projects swirling around inside my brain. My head is spinning a bit!

First project: Dinosaur Story Time w/ Make & Take Craft! It was the perfect opportunity last Friday to have the first trial run with our little lady.


Aren’t dinosaurs the rage right now? Boys, girls, toddlers, elementary children – it seems kids everywhere can’t get enough of dinos! Or maybe this dinosaur obsession is nothing new? I’m far from the expert. As a first-time mama, I learn something every day!

Either way, the interest in dinosaurs is definitely there now! Usborne carries over 30 dinosaur books currently, with new ones constantly being released. We for sure have a Dinosaurs Shine-a-Light coming out soon, I imagine that’s going to be a HUGE seller (update – it’s out & yes, big seller, especially at booths)!

So enough talk, let’s get to the activity! I find so many great craft ideas for 2-3 year-olds browsing around Pinterest. Ava isn’t quite ready for those, but I still want to have fun with her, so every now and then, I get a spark of creativity. I came across the idea of using tissue paper and contact paper as a sit still toddler activity, so I figured why not take it a step further and make dinosaurs??


We also read part of Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide. She wouldn’t sit still long enough for I’m a Dirty Dinosaur. Maybe next time!

What do you think? Is this an activity your kiddo would enjoy? If so, I’m planning a local make & take event for this summer!


12 weeks down!

Hello, hello!

Thank you for being here and finding interest in my little business adventure with Usborne Books & More!

So I am coming to the end of my first 12 weeks and my, it has flown by! Already, there have been ups and downs. Just as with anything new, it takes time to work out some kinks and really get your groove, especially with such a large company like UBAM.

It’s overwhelming at times, the wealth of information available. I want to do everything and I want to do it now! Oh wait, I have a child to care for 24/7, a wedding to plan, and a fiance to enjoy? Balance, balance. It’s hard to find sometimes but I think I’m finally there.

Sunday was a rare slow day in our house. I had a migraine and was forced to take a step away from my to-do list. So my 16-month-old, Ava, and I sat on the couch, watching Coco.

Ava watching Coco

We lay on the floor, playing. It was refreshing. And it actually gave me the necessary space from my business to reevaluate the way I was operating.

I am more excited than ever, my brain is revived, overflowing with new ideas! This little blog space being one of the ideas. I can’t wait to show you my new projects. Come along with me 🙂