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New Book Releases for the New Year!

The Christmas we celebrate on December 25th might be over, but it’s Book Lady Christmas over here!!! We have over 105 fresh new releases to get you ready to promote literacy to your child in the new year. I don’t know about you, but we get cabin fever with the winters in Northeast Ohio and I love having some brand new books on hand to keep us happy and entertained indoors.

New Books for the New Year - Jaime's Book Corner

These are being added to the website every day and there are TONS of new books that I’ve already tacked on to my neverending wishlist! Here are just a few I’ve narrowed down to share with you. If you see something you like, you can order online or join my party on January 20th to get a few deals! If you want to score a few deals on my current inventory, I’m having a BIG sale that morning too!

Baby & Toddler New Releases

New Book Series for Baby and Toddler - Jaime's Book Corner

These little books are made for tiny hands, with easy-to-turn pages and bright illustrations!
Count to Five          Jump Around         Make a Noise         See a Rainbow

This is Owl - a hilarious new book to read and interact with your children ages 3 and up | Jaime's Book Corner

This hilarious book with flaps, call-outs, and interactive play will have everyone clapping and flapping along! This is Owl is perfect for ages 3 and up, especially those who already love I Say Ooh, You Say Ahh.

Elementary New Releases

Olivia's Secret Scribbles - a New Series for Ages 6-9 | Jaime's Book Corner

Meet Olivia, Ella‘s little sister! This new series is another great option for ages 6-9.
Book 1            Book 2             Book 3

Stained Glass Coloring - a fun new activity book! | Jaime's Book Corner

Our Christmas Stained Glass Coloring book was so well loved, it’s exciting to have a year-round edition with our beautiful new Stained Glass Coloring book!

Ages 9+ New Releases

A brand new series for young adults! - Jaime's Book Corner

This brand new young adult series is sure to keep readers in suspense!
Book 1           Book 2

The Usborne Unworry Book - an activity book to calm your mind || Jaime's Book Corner

Everyone could use a little help in today’s fast-paced world, let the Unworry Book bring you peace and calm.

These are just a few of the new releases available in my bookstore now. I am just overwhelmed by all the amazing new books! Every time I get a peek inside, I truly find myself astounded by the work of Usborne & Kane Miller. They’ve done it again, folks!

Don’t worry, I will be sharing a lot more info in my VIP group and here as the books are released. Can’t wait? Here’s a quick sneak peek video for you!


Until next time!

Activities, Story & Craft Activities

M is for Mouse – Craft and Story Activity

I have to thank our local Children’s Museum for our story and craft idea yesterday!

M is for Mouse - Craft & Story Activity from Jaime's Book Corner

We made a mouse out of the Letter M. How cute, right?

I immediately thought of our fun book There’s a mouse about the house! and knew Ava and I would read it before nap time at home.

This was our first read-through and it really is a fun book! It’s interactive, allowing children to move the mouse through the book along with the story of the mouse trying to find some dinner. Ava is almost 2 years old, so I did help her with the mouse some, but she certainly understood the concept.

As is the case with many of our Usborne & Kane Miller books, I imagine you won’t be too surprised to find that There’s a mouse about the house! has some educational perks too. Moving the mouse teaches fine motor skills, the dotted lines to follow help encourage early writing skills, and the mouse always moves from left to reach, an important thing to learn with early reading skills. This book also helps children learn to turn one page at a time.  If they turn a few pages at once, the mouse won’t be there.

Here’s our mouse that we brought home. Ava is starting to get better with crafts that involve glue, but any tips for teaching kids to use scissors? That’s definitely new for us!

M is for Mouse - Craft and Story Activity from Jaime's Book Corner

Our Favorites

Peek Inside the Zoo

Peek Inside the Zoo

This is one of the newer additions to our home library. Although Ava is probably just a little young for it still, she definitely loves it already! We just sit with her until she’s a little more gentle, we don’t want any ripped gorilla arms around here.

The beautiful illustrations in our Peek Inside series include cutouts, peek-throughs, and flaps for children to interact with as you read. The flaps are sturdy and each page is packed full of information, making learning about the animals so much fun for little ones. Peek under leaves and behind doors to find noisy parrots, cheeky monkeys, very tall giraffes and lots more.

You can also Peek Inside animal homes, a tree, dinosaurs, nighttime, space, the farm, garden, the jungle, and the sea! We also offer our beautiful Peek Inside Fairy Tales for just a few dollars more – Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and coming soon – Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, and the Nutcracker.

Ages 3+ $11.99
Buy Peek Inside The Zoo
Save more $$ with the box set – featuring 6 Peek Inside favorites!
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Our Favorites

All Better!

all better

This is one of UBAM’s most-loved books by children everywhere and I am so happy we finally added it to our home library!

The story is short and sweet – Dog hurt his foot, Sheep scratched her tummy and Bear sat on a splinter! What will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it! Young readers delight in the five animal friends’ misadventures and are eager to help make things “all better” with the five reusable and repositionable stickers.

However, this book also offers so much more! It helps kids with matching colors and animals. Repetition: The sing-song words on each page are essentially the same, and your child will memorize them and be able to “read” the book on their own, or to their little brothers and sisters! The book is hands-on and interactive! Children can work on fine-motor skills, and have fun with the “stickers” over and over again (If the cling-on stickers lose their stickiness, just run them under cold water to be revived!).

All Better! also teaches children compassion and kindness.We offer Little Bear Needs Glasses as well, which teaches children about being helpful and coming later this year, Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night.

Ages 3-5 $12.99
Buy All Better!
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