What is Usborne Books & More?

Well first, let’s ask the more important question, why do I need these books?
These books are life-changing! Melodramatic, much? Really though, hear me out! Usborne & Kane Miller put so much time, effort, research, and money into making these the books kids want to read. They are engaging, educational, and FUN!

You’re not quite convinced yet? Hmm…
They are durable! Can I say that again? These books LAST! Most importantly, they truly are more than just books. We have books with over 50 flaps, huge fold-out pages, moving cars, and hidden images you can discover with flashlights! These books span ages, getting you your money’s worth for a long time. I’ve personally seen that already with my daughter.

It all began with Mr. Peter Usborne.


He says, “Children are clever – they are our equals. We shouldn’t talk down to them, but look across at them. Books should be friendly, and as much like magnets as possible. They should be reliable and accurate, stylish and artistic. Books should help get you off your couch so you’re not just sitting there watching TV and chewing gum. They should promote wondering. They should be better than good.”

YES, talk about passion! This is why I can stand behind Usborne Books & More, I truly believe in their literacy mission. The future of our world depends on the education of our children. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime through one book, one hug, one conversation. We have to remember to slow down and be there for our kids in a world today that rushes through the special moments. Every time my daughter brings me a book, demanding to get on my lap and read to her, she reminds me of the important moments and how they make a difference in the lives of children and families.