Who loves free books? I love free books!

Hosting a virtual book party is so fun, easy, and rewarding too! Not only are you helping spread the joy of reading to children, you also get to pick out free and discounted books for your readers!

So many books to love! Why not get them for free?
She’s saying, “look at all my free books!”

Maybe you’ve been to a book party before or maybe you haven’t? Either way, I’m here to be your party organizer! You invite your friends and family, get them excited, and I’ll do the rest to make sure it’s super fun! You get to sit back on party night and have fun with your guests.

Ready to get lots of free books?? Book your date!

How many free books will I get?
Once your party reaches $100 in sales (which is SO easy, believe me!), you start earning FREE and half-price books based on the total party sales! An average book party reaches $300-400 in sales, earning you at least $50 in free books and $75 in half-price books!

I want to throw a party!
Great! I can’t wait to help you build your bookshelf for free! Choose your date today!

Oh and do you love THEMED parties? I know I do!! How about Sweet Summertime, Dinomite Books, or a Birthday Book Party? You name your favorite theme and I’ll make it happen!

Last but not least, I wanted to let you know that each month, I go above and beyond the corporate hostess rewards provided by Usborne Books & More to offer a little “extra” to spoil my amazing party hostesses. Want to know my monthly party special? Just drop me a quick note with your text phone # or email address and I’ll fill you in on this month’s sweet deal!