Earn free books!


We want your bookshelf to look like this! Do you?

There are a few easy ways for you to earn free books (legitimately and without annoying your friends, I promise!).

1) Host a 20-minute pop up book shop! Sit back and talk about books with your guests, all while building up your home library for free! 

2) Text Event! It’s so simple and easy – I’ll draft a text catered to you to send to your friends to show off some great books they’ll love! Earn rewards as they add to their personal library.

3) Rewards Link! I’ll set up a personal link for you to shop on and earn rewards with each person. Redeem them within 6 months. Have friends that love books? They can shop from your link too!

4) Special Events! Baby showers, birthday parties, grandma parties – I do it all and free books are earned along the way! 

Contact me today to schedule your event!

So many books to love! Why not get them for free?