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New Books for Babies & Toddlers – March 2022

Four times a year, Usborne and Kane Miller release new books in the United States. For this March mid-season release, there are so many great options for babies and toddlers! These books are all engaging and fun to read on repeat, for both children and adults.

Don’t Tickle the T.Rex!

This series is so loved by our 2-year-old girl, it’s so tempting to get her all of them! In this new release, tickle the touchy-feely patches to hear each dinosaur make a sound. As always, there’s a fun song on the last page.

Mirror Mirror Books

There are 3 new releases in this popular series – Happy Faces, Baby Unicorns, and Baby Dragons! Cut-through pages and a mirror allow little readers to imagine and see themselves reflected in each of these interactive board books. These are sure to bring laughter for both baby and reader!

Feed the Animals

This new book is one little readers will enjoy interacting with again and again! Animal friends are hungry and need you to feed them. Choose from the five food pieces, drop them in the slot, and help fill their empty tummies.

Days of the Week Little Board Book

These little board books are great for quick reads and to easily throw in your bag! In this sing-song story, Panda goes through the days of her week, saying what she does each day. Monday is a school day, Tuesday is shopping day, Wednesday is washing day… With sweet, humorous illustrations of what she gets up to each day – painting a rainbow at school on Monday, baking with Grandma on Thursday, and playing in the park on Saturday – this charming book uses repetition and rhythm to encourage young children to join in naming the days of the week.

The Magic Fish Little Board Book

This new release offers a fresh retelling of the well-loved story, complete with a baby-friendly ending and charming illustrations throughout.

The Funny Farm Series

These two new lift the flap books are both fun and sweet to read! In Tractor Tractor, a little kindness saves the day when the two tractors, opposites in every way, take to the road. Cluck Cluck Duck had us giggling the whole time! Readers count Mama Hen’s new chicks, but… uh-oh! What’s this… a duckling?? We were giggling the whole time!

Which brand new release(s) are you adding to your wish list?? 😍📖

Did you fall in love with more books than your budget allows? I can help with that!


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