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That’s not my… Happy Birthday!!

Are you a lover of our “That’s not my…” series? Many people are! This is our bestselling touchy-feely series and we have over 50 different titles to choose from. 

Happy Birthday to the "That's Not My" series! - Jaime's Book Corner

To celebrate 20 years of this phenomenal series, we are offering a limited time customer special. Buy any two “That’s not my…” books and get an adorable “That’s not my…” bag for free!

If you definitely want one of these bags in your life, don’t wait! This offer is only available until they are sold out. You will see the tote added automatically to your cart when you select two “That’s not my…” books. Buy 4 books, get 2 totes, and so on! UBAM will make every effort to vary the totes, but they cannot guarantee you will get 3 different totes if you buy 6 books.

That's Not My tote bags! Limited time offer!

Not familiar with the books? Take a look inside That’s not my lion… or That’s not my dinosaur…

No matter which title you choose, these durable books will last with a child through all stages – newborn, drooling, even the rough toddler stage.

The illustrations are designed with the youngest eyes in mind, as they are outlined in bold back lines to help with visual differentiation and development. The storyline is simple, making them a great option for first readers. Children of all ages get excited to explore the unique textures on each page. My daughter loves finding the little mouse on each page too!

Browse all of our That’s not my… books here.

Buy any 2 That's not my... books, get a free tote bag! For a limited time!

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Mystery Hostess January Book Party!

Who else is getting hit with a TON of snow this weekend? Sounds like a perfect time to warm up with books, especially with all our new releases that I’m beyond excited to share with you!

This Sunday, January 20, I’m having a Mystery Hostess January Book Party! How a Mystery Hostess Party Works with Jaime's Book Corner

I’ll be showing off over 100 NEW titles that were just released, as well as showcasing some of our favorites. I just LOVE hosting these parties because someone has the potential to win HUNDREDS in free books!

I have been a book lady with Usborne Books & More for just under a year and we have already had so much fun building up our home library! My favorite part of this job is to share about these great books with other mamas who want to promote literacy and help you build your home library as well…maybe even for FREE!

Want to skip the party, but still interested in the books? Browse the books here!

Mystery Hostess Party with Jaime's Book Corner

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Our January Book Box is here!!

Anyone else out there love receiving mail? In our home, letters are great, boxes are fun, boxes filled with books are the best!!

Our book box is here! - Jaime's Book Corner

Our first Usborne Books & More Book Subscription box was delivered today and it was the perfect distraction from little lady’s teething pain. Our subscription includes boxes over 3 months, each with 4 new releases and a small gift for the 3-5 age range. We opened the box and immediately started reading.

January Book Box Subscription - Jaime's Book Corner

Kitty Kat, Kitty Kat, Where Have You Been? Washington D.C. was my favorite. Being from Virginia, it reminded me a little bit of home and I think it’s a great, age-appropriate introduction to all the important monuments and cool kid places to go. Lizard in a Blizzard was little lady’s choice (not surprising, considering her current obsession with all phonics books).

The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures is a unique take on an A to Z book and I love that it includes pronunciation guides. Otherwise, I would have NO idea how to say half of the name of the creatures! The facts were a thrill to read too – did you know that a mara is a relative of the guinea pig or that binturongs give off a strong smell similar to buttered popcorn? Yeah, neither did I!

Lastly, I love the inclusion of a Shine-a-Light book! If you’re not familiar, these books truly set Usborne Books & More apart from competitors, they are like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a children’s book! Kids can reveal a secret image in the illustrations just by shining a flashlight behind each page. All this fun is happening while they’re learning at the same time too because this collection is non-fiction.

The newest addition is At the Library. This was such an approachable way to learn about everything libraries have to offer, I even learned a few things (but then again, I always do from our non-fiction books).

Aside from the books, this box also included 4 bookmarks and a new spring catalog.

Lizard in a Blizzard - Jaime's Book Corner

I’m already excited to receive our February box!

Did you miss out on the subscription this time? Contact me and I will create one for you based on your budget and age of your child.

Happy reading!

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Resolve to Read in 2019

Resolve to Read in 2019 with Jaime's Book Corner

We’re just over a week into 2019 and some of our New Year’s resolutions may already be veering off track. Don’t let reading with your children be one of them!

I am such a visual person that charts and lists really help hold me accountable with my goals. If you’re like me, print out the image above and hang it somewhere you will see it daily. Color in the books and write the titles your child reads. It will be so fun to see it at the end of the year and talk about all the great books!

Need help getting your child to read more?

  • Check out my fun Winter Reading Challenge! Even if your child is not yet reading independently, the challenges still apply for babies and toddlers.

Need new books?

Not sure how big of an impact reading can make on children? Keep reading for some Top Literacy Statistics from Ferst Readers.

  1. Books contain many words that children are unlikely to encounter frequently in spoken language. Children’s books actually contain 50% more rare words than primetime television or even college students’ conversations.
  2. Young children who are exposed to certain early language and literacy experiences usually prove to be good readers later. Just as a child develops language skills long before being able to speak, the child also develops literacy skills long before being able to read.
  3. Creating a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple interest in reading within months.
  4. Children’s academic successes at ages 9 and 10 can be attributed to the amount of talk they hear from birth through age 3.
  5. Children who are read to at least three times a week by a family member are almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading compared to children who are read to less than 3 times a week.
  6. Experts are nearly unanimous in stating that babies should routinely experience shared books as soon as they experience shared talking, that is, during the first weeks and months of life.
  7. Children with greater access to books and other print materials express more enjoyment of books, reading, and academics.

Resolve to Read in 2019 with Jaime's Book Corner

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January 2019 Book Sale – 20-60% off!

I’m setting everything up for my very first Usborne Book Sale and I wanted you to be the first to know! Mark your calendars now for Sunday, January 20th! The sale begins at 11am and you can find the full schedule down below. I like to thank my loyal customers for being so amazing and what’s better than a BIG sale? I will discount my inventory 20-60% off to make room for some new releases! This is a great way to stock up on birthday gifts or build up your own home library!

How does it work? Here’s what you need to know!

  1. Join the party! Just make sure you’re a member of my faceBOOK VIP group and you will see all the posts.
  2. Get excited! There will be giveaways, freebies, games, and FUN! Comment and join in to have the best chance to win prizes.
  3. Set an alarm! The sale is first-come, first-serve! This means that the first person to comment SOLD on the book gets it, so make a reminder NOW for Sunday, January 20th at 11am to log in right on time!

The fun doesn’t end after the clearance sale! I’m hosting a party to show off the new releases and I want to give out LOTS of prizes! Join us here at 8:30pm EST and maybe you’ll be our BIG Mystery Hostess winner of ALL the book rewards!

I’m super excited for my first Usborne Book Sale! I love being able to offer specials to help you promote literacy while filling your home library!

For quick reference, here’s the schedule for the day:

Online Book Sale - January 20th, 2019 11am-3pm || Jaime's Book Corner